Disney World Walt Disney had a dream that he could build a place for families to visit and make the most precious memories that would last a lifetime. Walt acquired the money that he needed to start construction by having a feature television program that actually explained his plans for, you guessed it, Disneyland. The grand opening of Disneyland happened in 1954, but not without some setbacks. In fact, the grand opening was far from successful. Walt had to actually invite important attendees back the next day to show them exactly what he wanted to show them on opening day. However, Disney was able to bounce back from a mediocre grand opening and soon Disneyland was at the top of everyone's vacation list, including world leaders, sports figures and celebrities.

A few years into his venture, Walt noticed that he overlooked on very important aspect of his Disneyland park; he simply did not purchase enough land. Walt only purchased enough land for his original dream and did not know that it would sky rocket the way it did. He immediately realized that because of the success of Disneyland and the popularity of his massive Disney cartoon empire, he would need to expand his park. However, the Anaheim location could not provide the space that he needed to expand. Walt decided to look for a new property, one where he could expand to his heart's content. So, this is where Walt's search began.

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Disney World The Magic KingdomWalt and members of his Walt Disney Company jumped in The Mouse, the airplane that would fly over potential park locations. On November 22, 1963, Walt and his staff flew over Orlando, FL to check out some property. At the time, central Florida mostly consisted of swamps, forests and agricultural land. In fact, most of the agricultural land was used up by cattle ranchers. Walt knew that this area was special and that this would, indeed, be a great location for his next theme park. Walt did something very tricky when he decided to purchase this land. He and his team knew that if the sellers caught wind that Disney wanted to but this land and construct another theme park, they would charge astronomical prices for the property. Well, the thinker that Walt was knew that there had to be a way around this and he came up with a pretty ingenious idea. Walt and his company made up a number of different pseudo-companies that would make offers on different parts of the land. Walt spent just over $1 million on about 43 acres of land in the central Florida. The property spread out over two Florida counties and they are Orange and Osceola County. Walt finally broke ground on his "Florida Project" in April of 1969 and he held his grand opening of the brand new Walt Disney World resort on October 1, 1971.

In 1982, Walt's Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, or as we all know it EPCOT, opened to the public as Disney World's second theme park. Disney World and EPCOT enjoyed immediate and massive success. With the success of the three parks Disneyland, Disney World and EPCOT, Disney thought that it was time to expand once again, in fact two more times. In 1989, the Disney World Resort welcomed a new park to their experience, Disney's MGM Studios, although it is now called Disney's Hollywood Studios. Just about ten years later, in 1998, the Disney World Resort opened another theme parked called Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Unfortunately, Walt passed on in December of 1966, so he didn't get to see his magical world open. However, his brother Roy Disney took over and saw Walt's dream through. This is the touching dedication that Roy said to his brother on Disney World's grand opening:

"Everyone has heard of Ford cars. But have they all heard of Henry Ford, who started it all? Walt Disney World is in memory of the man who started it all, so people will know his name as long as Walt Disney World is here." - Roy Disney October 1971

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Ever since the grand openings of these magnificent and magical parks, they have been the number one family vacation spot. There is really no other place in the world that can offer you and your family the most memorable vacation experience of your life. Disney World is the place to go to make all of your dreams come true. Come and see the Walt Disney's dream for yourself and you will immediately know why everyone wants to come to Disney World for their family vacation.

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